About Me

Hey! I'm Sarah Serrano-Esquilin, a Nuyorican Professional Haikuist, Visual Artist, licensed Special Education teacher, and an Art Therapist-in-training. 

My work is based on a deep passion to build creative spaces and guide others to harness their creative magic and playful imagination. Art is a powerful tool that builds connections, creates dialogue, reveals authenticity, and empowers. I incorporate mindfulness, compassion, and learning to be present in the moment to tap into our authentic selves and express what's in our hearts. I believe that self-expression is a human right, and teach others how to make art accessible without the need of expensive tools and materials.

My poetry has been published digitally and in print, and I've been honored to write haiku for celebrities, brands, and conferences. My art work has been featured in galleries in NYC and PA.

Let's connect! 

We are the dreamers
Keepers of time - listen as
we share our truth


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